Adding markup support for vacation rentals

Monday, December 4, 2023

Vacation rentals on Google make it easier for travelers to discover the best lodging options, whether they’re searching for a cozy cabin or a house that sleeps ten. Today, we’re announcing a new and simpler way for vacation rental integration partners to provide listing data to Google.

An illustration of vacation rentals in Google Search

Vacation rental partners can now implement structured data markup in their site’s pages to be eligible for this rich result. The existing feed method remains a good option for large partners and those with many domains and brands. We recommend the markup option for smaller partners including property managers who prefer a simpler setup and maintenance.

This feature is limited to sites that meet certain eligibility criteria and additional steps are required to complete the integration. To learn more about how to list your vacation rentals on Google, visit the integration starter guide.

New vacation rental rich result report in Search Console

To help you monitor and verify your markup, we’re also starting to support vacation rental listing structured data in a new vacation rental rich result report in Search Console. This report will help you monitor and fix the validity of your vacation rental structured data.

Vacation rental rich result report in Search Console

Support in the Rich Results Test

You can test your structured data using the Rich Results Test by submitting the URL of a page or a code snippet. Using the tool, you can immediately confirm whether or not your markup is valid without waiting for the rich result report to be updated.

Vacation rental markup in the Rich Results Test

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