Expanding markup support for Organization details, including Logo structured data

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

An illustration of merchant information in a knowledge panel

Since 2013, Google has supported logo structured data, which recognizes two Organization fields: logo and url. Today we’re expanding our support for organizational information by extracting additional administrative data such as name, address, contact information, and various business identifiers. You can continue to provide the logo and url fields to specify which image we use as your logo in Google search results. With this update, Google can make use of this markup in knowledge panels and other visual elements (such as attribution), which helps users more easily find your organization’s details on Google Search.

As part of this expanded support for organizational data, we’re merging the logo documentation into the new organization documentation. The existing logo report in Search Console and validations in the Rich Results Test are now replaced with more extensive organization validations in the Rich Results Test.

If you’ve already added the logo and url fields via organization markup, there’s nothing you need to do and Google still understands your logo markup. We do encourage you to add the new fields if applicable for your organization.

When you provide additional organization details, your markup can be eligible to be shown on knowledge panels, such as the recently announced merchant knowledge panel.

Adding support for Organization to the Rich Results Test

You can test your organization structured data using the Rich Results Test by submitting the URL of a page or a code snippet. Using the tool, you can confirm whether or not your markup is valid instantly.

Organization markup in Rich Results Test

If your site is a local business, we recommend you also follow the existing local business markup guidelines in addition to the new organization markup. If your site is only an online business, we recommend using the OnlineBusiness subtype of Organization.

We hope these additions make it easier for you to add organization structured data describing your business or organization, and enable it to be shown on Google knowledge panels. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via the Google Search Central Community.

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