26 Marketing Jokes to Tell at Your Next Meeting

26 Marketing Jokes to Tell at Your Next Meeting

Whether you’re delivering a huge presentation or hosting a webinar, a touch of humor works like a charm to delight your audience. Plus, a joke here and there can convey a fun and creative company culture.

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I always use marketing jokes as an ice-breaker to start a conversation in a group or keep things breezy in the middle of a serious discussion.

No matter how corny you sound, you can catch people’s attention and create a fun impression — especially when you’re cracking niche jokes about marketers. I’ve rounded up 26 marketing jokes that you can keep up your sleeve for your next big meeting or networking event.Download Now: Free Company Culture Code Template

26 Marketing Jokes for Your Amusement

One-liner marketing jokes can instantly make people laugh and put you in the limelight. With this list of jokes I’ve handpicked myself, you don’t even have to try hard to be funny.

Just memorize the ones you love, and you’re all set to make quite an impression in your next meeting. My only tip: Don’t shy away from being cheesy!


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Digital Marketing Jokes

1. What do you call a landing page with a high bounce rate?

A takeoff page.

2. Why don’t marketers make good chefs?

Because they’re too obsessed with serving ads rather than actual cooking.

3. Why are some marketers bad at catching fish?

Because they’re only trying top-of-funnel tactics.

4. What did one prospective lead say to the marketer?

Catch me if you can!

5. What’s a marketer’s favorite drink?


6. How did Yoda get his first lead?

He used the Sales Force.

7. Why would marketers make good football players?

Because they’re good at “converting” opportunities.

8. Why do marketers hate trampoline parks?

Because the bounce rate is so high!

9. Why did the marketer’s fiance call off their wedding?

Because he printed “call-to-action” cards instead of save-the-date cards.

10. Why does it take marketers so long to order a pizza?

Because they have to run A/B tests to choose the best toppings.

SEO Jokes

11. Why did the SEO expert cross the road?

To get to the first page.

12. Why did the SEO expert join the highway patrol?

Because they love heavy traffic!

13. What do an SEO marketer, a fitness freak, and a gardener have in common?

They all prefer the “organic” stuff.

14. Where do SEOs go to cry?

On the second page of Google, where nobody can find them.

15. Why don’t SEO experts and military men get along?

Because they’re both vying for better ranks.

16. What did SEOs dress up as for Halloween?

404 Error Pages!

Social Media Marketing Jokes

17. Why did the social media marketer go to the hospital?

He wanted to get viral (ideas).

18. What’s the difference between LinkedIn and a comedy club?

Comedians share at least some true stories, while on LinkedIn, it’s all made up.

19. Why would Sherlock Holmes make a good social media marketer?

Because he’s good at stalking other people.

20. How does a social media marketer stay cool during a crisis?

They just keep refreshing their feed until it blows over!

21. Why do social media marketers go to therapy?

To cope with their fear of creating unfunny memes.

22. Why did the social media marketer join the book club?

Because they heard it’s a good place to find “lit”erary captions for memes.

Content Writing Jokes

23. Three content writers walk into a bar.

They don’t get a drink because they already have too many open tabs.

24. How did Harry Potter become a content writer?

He used his skills in spell-checking!

25. Why do content writers feel cold all the time?

Because they’re surrounded by drafts.

26. Copywriters: We don’t want to sound too promotional in our messaging.

Also Copywriters:

Copywriter song

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Infuse humor in your business meetings.

Nobody likes to sit for hours and listen to boring, endless conversations. You’ll either zone out and start daydreaming or feel mentally drained in just a few minutes.

The best meetings are always ones with fun energy — jokes are cracked, legs pulled, people roasted, and much more! It all comes down to how you shape your company culture and create the work environment.

If your company has a fun culture where meetings are incomplete without silly jokes, then bookmark this list of marketing jokes to have a blast with your colleagues.company culture template

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