Search Central Live is returning to Brazil

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Leia em Português

We’re excited to announce that Search Central Live is returning to São Paulo. Following our successful events
last year, we’re continuing our mission to help Brazilian businesses enhance their site’s performance in Google Search.

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This year we’re hosting one event in São Paulo on February 29, 2024 and would like to invite SEOs, website owners, developers, journalists, and anyone interested in Google Search to apply for an invite on the event website.

Apply for an invitation

We’ll have a broad range of speakers, including Berthier Ribeiro-Neto, Engineering director at Google Search. Most of the presentations will be delivered in Portuguese, and the speakers will discuss the following:

  • What is top of mind for the Google Search team?
  • How to use Search Console data in BigQuery to succeed in Search?
  • How to perform a technical SEO audit?
  • How is Google Brazil partnering with local companies in Search and News?

If these topics sound interesting to you, don’t miss your chance to participate. You’ll also have time to chat with the Google Search and News teams, and meet new people in real life. The event won’t be recorded or live streamed, that’s why we call it live! Don’t miss this opportunity, apply for an invite on the event website.

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate everyone. We’ll send invitations on Feb 19 to accepted attendees, you’ll need that email to enter the event.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in person and chatting about Google Search and News.

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