Microsoft Advertising To Import Google Ads Conversion Data Automatically

Microsoft Advertising To Import Google Ads Conversion Data Automatically

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Microsoft sent emails to some Microsoft Advertising advertisers to let them know that if they have run an import from Google Ads to their Microsoft Advertising account, going forward, Microsoft will continue to automatically import your Google Ads conversion data to your Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

This email was shared by Kirk Williams who posted it on X – he said, “Heads-up if you currently import from Google to Microsoft, they’ll automaticaly import your conversions (and possibly mess stuff up!!!) in the next few weeks so you might want to shut that auto-import function off.”

The email reads:

Hello from Microsoft Advertising,

We’re writing to let you know that you’ll soon be able to import conversion goals from Google Ads and optimize your campaigns using those conversions. We’ll begin to support this feature starting in two weeks and gradually roll it out to all customers. This feature will help you more effectively and efficiently sync your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads workflows, enabling you to accomplish more with less work on both platforms.

What to expect

• Once you run an import — whether it’s scheduled or not — we’ll start importing your conversion goals by default, so you don’t need to take any action.

• We encourage you to set up a UET (Universal Event Tracking) tag with Google Tag Manager directly if you haven’t done so already, to ensure that these new conversion goals are fully set up and can receive conversion events.

• If your imported campaigns use a conversion value-based bid strategy such as Max Conversions, we will continue to use the same strategy and optimize those campaigns based on the new conversions.

• If you’d like to not import conversion goals, you can uncheck the ‘Import conversion goal’ setting in the ‘Customize your import settings’ step of the import process

Please contact your account manager or Support if you have any further questions.

This is something everyone who does Microsoft Advertising should be aware of.

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