Google Zero Click Study Now At 58.5% In 2024

Google Zero Click Study Now At 58.5% In 2024

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Rand Fishkin has come out with his 2024 edition of the Google zero click study and it shows that in the US, zero clicks are now at 58.5%, which is down from 65% in 2021. The study says that about 37% of Google searches lead to no action, 21.4% lead to another Google search, and 41.5% lead to a click.

Here is a chart that they created based on this data:

Zero Click 2024

Rand wrote, “Most interesting to web publishers, entrepreneurs, creators, and (hopefully) regulators is the final number: for every 1,000 searches on Google in the United States, 360 clicks make it to a non-Google-owned, non-Google-ad-paying property. Nearly 2/3rds of all searches stay inside the Google ecosystem after making a query.”

Let’s not forget that Google disputed the last zero click study – for what that is worth.

Here is a chart over time, showing the decline in clicks:

Google Clicks To Open 2024

Here is another chart showing more clicks from Google Search to Google properties or Google Search:

Clicks To Google 2024

Then by device:

Zero Click Breakdown 2024

They also looked at AI Overviews and Rand summed it up:

  • Desktop searches rose a little
  • Mobile searches fell a considerable amount (if anything spooked Google into rolling back this feature, I’d put my money on this being it)
  • Clicks per search on mobile rose
  • Clicks per search of desktop were flat

The issue with Rand’s AI Overviews part is that it only officially rolled out publicly to US users – it is still labs opt in for the EU, I believe.

Rand also spent some time explaining some answers on the questions he received on the data in the study, including the 1% of clicks going to ads:

This is worth a read, check it out over here.

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