Google Ads Rolling Out New Ad Console Design Starting On August 30 (Goodbye Old Design)

Google Ads Rolling Out New Ad Console Design Starting On August 30 (Goodbye Old Design)

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In March 2023 Google began testing a new design for the Google Ads advertiser console. Google announced that it will start to roll out this new design to all advertisers starting on August 30, 2024 and will sunset the all design.

“Starting on August 30, 2024, the new Google Ads design will roll out to all markets and the old Google Ads design will sunset,” Google wrote.

That means that “only the new Google Ads design will be available on desktop.” “Please note that we’ll continue to fully support existing features and tools,” Google added.

Of course, not all advertisers are happy about this change. A lot find the old design to be much more intuitive and easier to use. But ready or not, the old design is being replaced by the new design.

Here are some of the complaints the Google Ad Liaison replied to this week about the news:

Here is the new design:

New Google Ads Design

Google wrote:

The new design includes a main menu on the left of the screen, with pages organized into 5 high-level categories:

  • Campaigns: where you analyze, optimize, and manage your campaigns
  • Goals: where you define, monitor, and update your conversion goals
  • Tools: where you can find tools for: 
    • Planning
    • Bidding and budgets
    • Troubleshooting
    • Asset library
    • Audience management
  • Billing: where you monitor your spend and payments
  • Admin: where you manage your team, security, and account settings

Google added, “This extra level of categorization makes this new design more effective for both new and experienced advertisers. As you become more accustomed to the new design, the Search bar at the top is a helpful tool to quickly find what you are looking for. Please continue to share your feedback from the “Leave feedback” option in the Help menu. Your feedback is key to helping us building a better Google Ads.”

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