Google Image Search Tests Pinch To Zoom

Google Image Search Tests Pinch To Zoom

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Google Image search is testing the ability to pinch to zoom, to expand the details on a specific image within the mobile interface. So instead or in addition to clicking on an image, you can pinch to zoom to see more details on that image.

This was spotted by Glenn Gabe who posted some screenshots on X – you can see Google added an image overlay with a hand that says “pinch to zoom” so that searchers know that it is an option:

Google Images Mobile Pinch To Zoom

Glenn wrote, ” I saw an animation in Google Images last night to ‘pinch to zoom’ in order to expand images. Worked pretty well. I sort of like that functionality for Google Images.”

Here is his post:

I cannot reproduce on my iOS device using the native Google app or on mobile Safari.

Forum discussion at X.

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