Best SEO Rank Tracking Software in 2024: 12 Tools Compared

Best SEO Rank Tracking Software in 2024: 12 Tools Compared

Need to track your keyword rankings but not sure where to begin?

Our list of rank-tracking software options provides helpful details about some of the best tools available. 

We assessed a dozen tools on factors like:

  • How many keywords you can track
  • How often you get ranking data
  • How easy or overwhelming the platform may be
  • What type of person or business the tool is best suited for
  • Pricing

To start, here’s a table that briefly compares each tool’s features, best uses, and pricing:



Best For



Daily ranking updates, site page performance, competitive insights



SE Ranking

Daily ranking updates

Agencies and in-house teams



Data visualization and reporting

Experienced marketers and small businesses



Daily ranking updates and SERP performance

Marketers and agencies


SEO PowerSuite

Target page analysis and competitive insights

Agencies and in-house teams



Real-time data for granular locations—countries, states, cities, and streets

Agencies and enterprises


Advanced Web Ranking

Real-time rankings and performance forecasting

Agencies and enterprises



Daily ranking updates and SERP performance

Beginners and marketers



Daily ranking updates and historical analysis

Marketers and small businesses



Daily ranking updates and site page performance

Beginners and marketers



Location tracking and reporting

Agencies and enterprises



Location tracking and competitive analysis




Best for tracking daily rankings for your custom list of keywords, Semrush’s Position Tracking tool tracks data across multiple devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop).

Here’s how:

First, enter your domain and click “Set up tracking.”

"Keywords" tab of the Position Tracking tool with "Import from" and "Start Tracking" buttons highlighted.

Next, choose the search engine and device you want to track for your keywords. We recommend “Google” and “Mobile” to start.

Then, choose the country you want to track. Consider this the country of your target audience.

Click “Continue To Keywords” to get to the keyword part of the setup.

"Targeting" tab of the Position Tracking tool with Search engine, Device, Location, and Language sections highlighted.

Type or paste in your target keywords. Or, import your list from another source.

When you’re done adding your keywords, click “Add keywords to campaign.” Then, click “Start Tracking.”

"Keywords" tab of the Position Tracking tool with "Import from" and "Start Tracking" buttons highlighted.

From there, you’ll get access to the Position Tracking dashboard with reports and metrics for your keywords.

"Rankings Overview" section of the Position Tracking tool.

See which keywords rank for various search engine results page (SERP) features, such as featured snippets and local packs. It even allows you to track locations down to the ZIP code, providing granular insights into your keyword performance. 

The software offers a comprehensive range of metrics—including keyword intent, difficulty, position, visibility, estimated traffic, search volume, and more—enabling you to make informed decisions. 

Additionally, you can analyze the keywords your competitors rank for and identify their top-performing pages. To keep you updated, Semrush sends alerts for any ranking changes and offers the option to receive weekly email summaries of your keyword rankings.


  • Pro plan: $139.95/month to get access to the entire suite of Semrush tools in addition to Position Tracking. Including keyword research, website auditing, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, advertising tools, and more.
  • Guru plan: $249.95/month to get all Pro plan features, plus the Content Marketing Toolkit, historical data, multi-location and device tracking, Looker Studio integration, and more
  • Business plan: $499.95/month to get all Guru plan features, plus Share of Voice, extended limits, API access, PLA analytics, free migration from third-party tools, and more

SE Ranking

SE Ranking’s Rank Tracker is one of the most flexible tools for SEO rank tracking. It allows you to take advantage of target URLs, traffic forecasts, and automated keyword suggestions.

The software provides a range of features to optimize your SEO efforts. For example, you can add target URLs for a keyword, helping to prevent cannibalization across your site’s pages. The Pro and Business plans offer the flexibility to create as many projects as you want, allowing you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. 

Additionally, Rank Tracker features a “Content Score” metric, which indicates how difficult it may be for your page to rank, helping you to prioritize your SEO efforts effectively.

"Content Score" window of the SE Ranking tool.


  • Essential plan: $65/month. Ideal for individual SEO professionals with 750 keywords to track.
  • Pro plan: $119/month. Suitable for agencies and small teams with 2,000 keywords to track.
  • Business plan: $259/month. Designed for large agencies and enterprises with up to 5,000 keywords to track. 


Nozzle is one of the best rank-tracking tools for data visualization and detailed reports. Interestingly, their pricing is based on how many “data pulls” you need monthly—not on how many keywords you track.

"Performance Overview" tab of the Nozzle rank tracking tool.

This software excels in providing helpful data visualization, making it easier to interpret your ranking data. Unlike many other tools, it updates every five minutes rather than by day or week, ensuring you have the most current data.

You can customize your dashboards to fit your specific needs and track as many competitors as you want with unlimited capacity. 

Furthermore, all Nozzle features are included in every pricing tier, giving you full access regardless of your subscription level.

Pricing for Small Businesses

  • Basic plan: $59/month for 10,000 pulls
  • Advanced plan: $119/month for 21,000 pulls
  • Pro plan: $299/month for 60,000 pulls
  • Pro Plus plan: $599/month for 130,000 pulls 

Pricing for Enterprises

  • Basic plan: $1,199/month for 275,000 pulls
  • Advanced plan: $2,999/month for 725,000 pulls
  • Pro plan: $5,999/month for 1.5 million pulls


SERPWatcher by Mangools is one of the easier rank-tracking tools to use, and it’s ideal for those on a budget. It offers daily ranking updates, and you can choose from 50,000 locations for local rank tracking.

Setting up your keyword list takes just 30 seconds with this tool. The interface is visually appealing and easy to navigate. 

SERPWatcher also offers white-label reporting, which is ideal for agencies and consultants. 

One standout feature is the proprietary “Performance Index” score, which measures your SERP performance by combining keyword positions and volumes, providing a comprehensive view of your search engine success.

"SERPWatcher" tab of the Mangools tool with the "Performance Index" score highlighted.


  • Entry plan: $29/month for 50 tracked keywords
  • Basic plan: $49/month for 200 tracked keywords
  • Premium plan: $69/month for 700 tracked keywords
  • Agency plan: $129/month for 1,500 tracked keywords 

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker is one of the top choices for rank tracking software on desktop. Download the application for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems and track keywords in nearly 600 search engines.

"Rank Tracking" tab of the SEO PowerSuite tool.

This software allows you to track an unlimited number of keywords, providing comprehensive coverage for all your SEO needs. 

It offers insights into the keywords driving traffic to your competitors, enabling you to identify new opportunities. 

You can also assign keywords to your chosen target pages and receive notifications if a different page starts to rank instead, helping you to maintain optimal keyword strategy and prevent any ranking issues.


  • There’s a free plan, but you can’t save projects
  • Professional plan: $299/year, recommended for in-house use
  • Professional plan: $499/year, recommended for client work


AccuRanker is one of the best rank trackers for teams that want data for various locales—countries, states, cities, and even streets. It proclaims to be the fastest tracker on the market, letting you get on-demand rankings from its database of 24 billion keywords.

AccuRanker tool homepage.

Get fresh keyword rankings in real time, ensuring you always have the latest data. It allows you to track rankings for specific street addresses and YouTube channels, providing versatile tracking options. 

AccuRanker also offers an application programming interface (API) to pull keyword data into your tech stack, so you can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.


Plans start at $129/month, and pricing is based on the number of keywords you want to track. Your subscription includes all features.

  • 1,000 keywords: $129/month
  • 5,000 keywords: $609/month
  • 25,000 keywords: $1,569/month

Advanced Web Ranking

Track keywords in 4,000+ search engines and across 190 countries with Advanced Web Ranking’s Rank Tracker. Create as many projects as you want in an easy-to-use interface that isn’t necessarily as complex as you’d expect.

This tool provides real-time keyword rankings, allowing you to stay up-to-date with your SEO performance. 

You can compare your rankings against up to 50 competitors, offering a comprehensive competitive analysis. The tool also tracks rankings for both YouTube and Amazon, catering to a wide range of platforms. 

Advanced Web Ranking’s forecasting predicts how your content may perform over time, helping you to strategize. Additionally, it offers insights into SERP features, search intent, and estimated visits for each keyword, providing a thorough understanding of your SEO landscape.

"Keywords" section of the Advanced Web Ranking tool.


  • Pro plan: $99/month for 7,000 keywords
  • Agency plan: $199/month for 14,500 keywords
  • Enterprise plan: $499/month for 35,500 keywords


Ranktracker is one of the cheapest rank trackers available, and an ideal choice for beginners given its price point and limited features. Its core offering, as you might expect, is simply tracking rankings.

Ranktracker tool homepage.

Get daily ranking updates for tracked keywords, ensuring you have the most current data. You can add filters to see rankings in different locations and devices, allowing for a more targeted analysis. 

Ranktracker enables real-time SERP analysis for your keywords, offering immediate insights. Additionally, you can see what keywords your competitors rank for and determine if those keywords are worth targeting, helping you to refine your SEO strategy.


  • Starter plan: $24/month for 200 tracked keywords
  • Double Data plan: $59/month for 1,000 tracked keywords
  • Quad Data plan: $109/month for 2,000 tracked keywords
  • Hex Data plan: $209/month for 4,000 tracked keywords


Get on-demand rankings for 130+ search engines across 180 countries and almost 40,000 cities with Wincher’s Rank Tracker. The ranking tool has keyword-research functionality built in to help you identify more relevant keyword opportunities.

"Keywords" tab of the Wincher Rank Tracker tool.

Access up to two years of ranking history for your keywords, allowing you to identify trends over time. It provides automated alerts for any changes to your keyword rankings, ensuring you stay informed. 

The Standard and Professional plans offer the ability to add unlimited websites and users, making it suitable for large teams and multiple projects. 

You can also use Wincher’s API to pull keyword data into your tech stack, enabling seamless integration with your existing systems.


  • Basic plan: $49/month for 500 keywords 
  • Standard plan: $89/month for 1,000 keywords
  • Professional plan: $319/month for 5,000 keywords


Serpple is one of the best SEO rank trackers around, built by an SEO professional for SEO professionals. 

Rather than tracking a long list of keywords, the tool groups the keywords by your site’s pages. This helps monitor how your site performs at the page level, which is great for making decisions on how to optimize content.

Serpple rank tracker tool homepage.

This tool offers daily keyword rankings on all plans, ensuring you always have up-to-date information. You can track your competitors’ organic changes and compare them to your own, providing valuable competitive insights. 

Serpple is also affordable, with plans starting at just $19 per month, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.


  • Side Hustler plan: $19/month for the entry-level option and 100 tracked keywords
  • Entrepreneur plan: $29/month for the growth option and 500 tracked keywords
  • Agency plan: $99/month for the agency option and 3,000 tracked keywords


Nightwatch’s Rank Tracker tool empowers you to refine your SEO strategy with its customizable reports and data segmentation. While it’s targeted to enterprises, agencies and small businesses may also find it useful.

"Rankings" tab of the Nightwatch Rank Tracker tool.

This software features drag-and-drop reporting, making it easy to generate and customize reports. It allows you to track keyword rankings for 107,296 locations around the world, providing extensive geographic coverage. 

Additionally, you can use Rank Tracker’s API to pull keyword data into your tech stack to integrate with your existing systems.


Plans start at $39/month, and pricing is based on the number of keywords you want to track.

  • 250 keywords: $39/month
  • 1,000 keywords: $99/month
  • 4,000 keywords: $339/month 


WhiteSpark’s Local Rank Tracker is one of the most notable tools for tracking local rankings. Local is their bread and butter, offering you the opportunity to track organic results, local packs, and maps in Google and Bing.

Whitespark Local Rank Tracker tool homepage.

This tool enables you to track multiple business locations across ZIP codes or geo-coordinates, offering precise tracking for local SEO efforts. 

It also tracks YouTube and social media profiles, expanding your reach beyond traditional search engines. You can compare your rankings across different result types against your competitors, providing a comprehensive view of your performance.

With unlimited domains and locations for all plans, WhiteSpark offers great flexibility for managing extensive SEO campaigns.

Pricing for Weekly Tracking

  • Small Business plan: $17/month for 100 keywords
  • Specialist plan: $35/month for 250 keywords
  • Agency plan: $70/month for 1,000 keywords
  • Enterprise plan: $140/month for 2,500 keywords

Pricing for Daily Tracking

  • Small Business plan: $20/month for 100 keywords
  • Specialist plan: $42/month for 250 keywords
  • Agency plan: $85/month for 1,000 keywords
  • Enterprise plan: $167/month for 2,500 keywords

How to Choose an SEO Rank Tracker

When looking for the best keyword rank tracker, evaluate these criteria:

  • How many keywords, sites, and competitors you can track
  • The freshness of keyword data—daily, weekly, or on demand
  • Ease of using the platform and interpreting the data
  • SEO reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Pricing

Here are features and aspects of rank tracking software you might look for depending on your situation:




Beginners and Solo Consultants

Ease of use

An intuitive interface and easy-to-understand reports



Lower-cost plans or free versions to start without much investment

Small Business

Cost-effective pricing

Affordable plans that offer a good balance of features


Competitor analysis

Basic competitor analysis to understand how well other sites rank


Comprehensive reports

Digestible reports to track progress and make informed decisions


Multi-client management

Ability to manage campaigns for multiple clients


White-label reporting

Customizable, branded reports to share with clients


Collaboration tools

Features that support team collaboration and project management



Tools that can handle large volumes of data and multiple websites efficiently


Integration capabilities

Integrate with other tools and platforms, such as CRMs and marketing automation systems


Dedicated support

Customer support, including dedicated account managers and personalized training

As you decide which is best for your budget and needs, consider an all-in-one SEO tool rather than a standalone keyword rank tracker.

All-in-one tools—like Semrush—offer several benefits and potential cost savings:

Comprehensive Insights

  • Keyword rank tracking: Monitor rankings across various search engines and locations
  • Keyword research: Find new keywords to target
  • Website audits: Identify technical SEO issues that could be hindering your site’s performance
  • Backlink analysis: Monitor your backlinks and analyze competitors’ backlinks
  • Competitive analysis: Discover what keywords your competitors rank for and which of their pages drive the most traffic, and find gaps to target 

Cost Savings

  • Lower overall cost: Paying for multiple standalone tools can be more expensive than an all-in-one solution. All-in-one tools offer bundled pricing that reduces your total cost.
  • Discounted plans: Many all-in-one tools offer tiered pricing plans at a discount to cater to different business needs

Leverage Rank Tracking Software to Maximize Your SEO Potential

Rank tracking is only part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. It’s also important to do continuous keyword research, run website audits, identify content creation opportunities, and more. 

Semrush offers an entire suite of SEO tools—including Position Tracking—that make it among the best rank tracking software available.

Ready to assess your rankings, compare against your competitors, and track progress? Try our all-in-one platform for free.

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