12 Best AI Content Creation Tools in 2024

12 Best AI Content Creation Tools in 2024

What Are AI Content Creation Tools?

AI content creation tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence to create written, visual, and multimedia content. 

These tools analyze text prompts, images, and other data to generate relevant content like: 

  • Article ideas 
  • Outlines 
  • Blog posts
  • Landing page copy
  • Social media posts
  • Email content
  • Creative writing
  • Product descriptions
  • Graphic designs
  • Images

For example, if you want to create a post about the health benefits of bananas, you’d type your request (known as a “prompt”) into an AI content creation tool. Like Semrush’s AI Social Content Generator

"Text to Post" tool start on Semrush’s AI Social Content Generator with text entered in the input box and "Generate" clicked.

The tool will generate a post on your topic. 

Then, you can edit the text for accuracy, brand voice, writing quality, and search intent. And it’s ready to publish.

Social media post with image, text, emojis, and hashtags generated on AI Social Content Generator.

What Are the Benefits of AI Content Creation Tools?

Using AI tools for content creation has many advantages: 

  • Saves time: AI tools generate text, images, and videos in seconds. Saving you hours each month. 
  • Increased production: Speeding up the production process enables you to increase output. Scaling your content efforts, so you can drive more traffic and (possibly) revenue.
  • Enhances content quality: AI can suggest improvements, such as better word choices and sentence structure adjustments. To ensure your content is engaging. 
  • Boosts creativity: AI content creation tools can generate content ideas, headlines, outlines, and more. So you always have inspiration. 

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12 AI Content Creation Tools for 2024

1. ContentShake AI

ContentShake AI is a smart writing tool that combines AI with SEO and competitor insights. 

It guides you through every step of the content creation process. Including content ideation, writing, and optimization.

The first time you use the tool, it’ll ask you to describe your business. 

Input box to enter a description of the business and suggested ideas on ContentShake AI.

Then, you’ll get ideas the tool generates. 

Click “Start writing” to select one of the ideas the tool generated. Or, tell the tool what you’d like to write about by clicking “My own idea.”

Ideas generated on ContentShake AI for "ecommerce business plan" with the 5 ideas and the "My own idea" button highlighted.

Next, enter your target keyword, word count, tone of voice, and readability level. Click “See suggestions” to get AI-generated headline alternatives. And keyword suggestions. 

Check the box “Add an extra SEO boost” to instantly optimize your content with up-to-date search data. Which can help the article rank higher on Google. 

When you’re done, hit “Create article.”

Article settings on ContentShake AI where you need to select a title, keywords, word count, tone, and readability level.

AI will use the information you provided to create a first draft with stock images. Like this one:

The introduction section of a 3,000 word blog post generated by ContentShake AI along with a stock photo.

Check the article to see if it meets your expectations. 

From here, click “Go to regenerate” to try again. Or select “Go to editor” to make adjustments. 

Right side menu on a ContentShake AI article with options to "Customize article" and "Regenerate quickly" highlighted.

When customizing, use the AI chat feature to generate new sections or ask questions. 

ContentShake AI chat with the search bar and the list of suggested prompts highlighted.

Click the “Improvements” tab for suggestions on how to improve the article in terms of SEO, readability, and tone of voice. 

Such as adding the target keyword, replacing complex language, and rewording the language to be more formal or casual.

“Improvements” tab on ContentShake with SEO, readability, and tone of voice suggestions.

When you’re ready, publish the article directly with the WordPress integration. Or send it to Google Docs to continue editing there. 

What We Like

ContentShake AI creates articles instantly. And the tool’s interface makes it fast and easy to edit them to your liking. 

It also analyzes your competitors’ articles. And provides vital information to help you outrank them. Like the titles, introductions, images, and statistics rivals have used in their content. 

Plus, you’ll get AI-generated and stock images to use in your content. 


You can try the app for free. After that, it’s $60 per month for unlimited articles and 25 new content ideas per week

 2. AI Writing Assistant

The AI Writing Assistant app can help create tons of different types of content like blog posts, outlines, FAQs, job descriptions, and more.

It’s easy to get started. 

Let’s say you want to write a new article. Open the tool and select “Article Generator.”

AI Writing Assistant home showing the different content you can generate with "Article Generator" highlighted.

Choose a language and enter your title and keywords. 

Review the suggested article subheadings and edit them if necessary. And click “Generate.”

Settings on "Article Generator" including language, title, keywords, and article subheadings.

The tool will create an article based on the instructions you provided. Like this:

Article generated on AI Writing Assistant with a menu bar on the right showing data like headings, paragraphs, links, etc.

As you can see, it’s quick and easy to create a solid first draft for pretty much any type of content. 

Plus, you can check for plagiarism. And write in over 25 languages. 

What We Like 

The AI Writing Assistant app features over 75 tools for short- and long-form content. Allowing you to use it for all of your content needs—from paid ads to product descriptions. 

For example, the “Blog Intros” feature is an effective way to develop an engaging intro that will hook readers.

And the “Content Rewriter” feature makes it easy to rephrase text. Just copy and paste in the text you want to change. And click “Start rewriting.”

"Rewrite content with AI" page with text entered and the "Start rewriting" button clicked.


The AI Writing Assistant app costs $25 per month for unlimited content creation. A free trial is available. 

3. Semrush Copilot

Semrush Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that monitors your website’s SEO performance. And gives you personalized recommendations and updates. 

Copilot is automatically included in your Semrush subscription. And works with six different Semrush tools. Like Position Tracking and Site Audit

Here’s what it offers:

  • Daily alerts: Sends notifications to stay on top of technical issues before they can affect your rankings
  • Prioritized lists: Tells you where to focus your efforts. Ensuring you prioritize the fixes that could have the biggest impact. 
  • Competitor insights: Provides insights into competitor rankings to help you outsmart the competition
  • New opportunities: Gives link-building ideas and keyword suggestions to enhance your SEO strategy
  • Personalized suggestions: Guides you on which Semrush tools can help improve your SEO results

To get Copilot’s insights, log in to Semrush and navigate to the main Projects page. 

Once you have a project set up, you’ll see Copilot’s suggestions in your dashboard.

"Traffic Drop" and "Declined Keywords" update on Semrush's Copilot showing pages and keywords which are declining.

What We Like 

Copilot provides useful SEO insights and actionable tips based on information from six different Semrush tools.

And the personalized recommendations make it effortless to identify issues and take action. 


Semrush Copilot is free with every Semrush subscription.

4. AI Social Content Generator

The AI Social Content Generator app helps you create an engaging social media presence. By instantly generating content (by repurposing content or creating something new) with the click of a button. 

Here are some of the options:

  • Text to Post: Turn a few lines of text into a social media post
  • Blog to Post: Turn a blog post into a social media post
  • Meme Post: Generate a humorous meme by describing a funny situation
  • Special Day Post: Mark special occasions related to your industry
  • Business to Post: Create posts based on your business details

Let’s say you want to turn a blog post into a social media post. Click “Blog to Post.”

Paste the URL (if the article has already been published) or the text. 

And when you’re done, click the blue arrow.

"Blog to Post" on AI Social Content Generator with text pasted and the blue arrow highlighted.

Make adjustments or keep the text the tool suggests. Then, choose a post type (like video or carousel). 

When you’re done, click “Generate.”

Content Preview on AI Social Content Generator showing the title, subtitle, and text on each of the slides.

The tool will generate a ready-to-use social media post based on your instructions:

Social media post with image, text, emojis, and hashtags generated on AI Social Content Generator.

If you need to make some tweaks, click “Edit” to change the text. Or try a different layout. 

Editing options on AI Social Content Generator where you can change design, text, media, shapes, layers etc.

What We Like 

This app makes it easy to create social media content in seconds and ensure it aligns with your brand’s identity by using your colors, fonts, and logos. 

You’ll also get AI-based insights into your competitors’ social media strategies. Giving you all the information you need to make yours even better. 


The AI Social Content Generator app costs $35 per month. A free, seven-day trial is available. 

5. AI Video Marketing Automator

The AI Video Marketing Automator app is one of the best AI tools for video content creation. Because it enables you to create eye-catching videos by repurposing existing content or creating something new from a prompt. 

To get started, open the tool and select “AI Prompt” to let AI write a script and create the video for you. 

AI Video Marketing Automator tool start with options to create a video from scratch, from a URL, or using an AI prompt.

Choose a topic, length, and social media platform. And select an image style. 

When you’re done, click “Create Video.”

"AI Prompt" settings on AI Video Marketing Automator like topic, length, brand kit, color, and type of images.

The tool will create a video and script for your review.

Video from prompt generated with a menu bar, video & script on the left, center & right respectively.

Click through the menu options to add voiceover, music, subtitles, or your own media. And edit the video’s text to match your brand voice. 

Editing menu on AI Video Marketing Automator with options to edit voice, style, music, media and subtitles.

What We Like 

This app makes it easy to repurpose your content. Which saves time. 

And the variety of customization options allow you to get the look and feel just right. 


You can try the tool for free. After that, pricing starts at $39 per month. 

6. Jasper

Jasper is an AI content creation tool that includes plagiarism detection, tone of voice customization, and collaboration features for teams. 

With just a few clicks, you can create social media posts, ad copy, blog posts, and email subject lines. Or rewrite existing content. 

Jasper tool-start page with text entered in the "What do you want to create?" input box and "Create" clicked.

If you get stuck, ask the tool for help via the chat function. 

What We Like 

Jasper can emulate your writing style if you provide it with the right resources. 

And it can also create visuals for social media and blog posts. 


There’s a seven-day free trial. Paid plans start at $49 per month. 

7. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an AI-powered writing tool that can help you create content to improve your online presence. And speed up your content creation workflow.

The tool will generate the content for you based on a prompt you enter.

Blog post generated on Copy.ai about the pros and cons of remote work.

You can then customize the content to reflect your brand voice

What We Like 

When you add a brand voice, the tool analyzes and describes it. So you can explain it to others or add it to your style guide.

Brand Voice analyzed and described based on an inputted URL on Copy.ai.

Another helpful feature is the workflow library. Here, you’ll see an overview of the content the tool can create. 

Like summarizing webinar transcripts, brainstorming social media ads, and generating press releases. 


You can get started for free. Then, paid plans start at $49 per month. 

8. Writesonic

Writesonic can generate content like blog posts, ad copy, email content, landing page copy, and product descriptions. 

Writesonic dashboard home showing a menu bar, top features and an input box reading "What will you create today?".

And the tool can add citations, internal links, and keywords to help you optimize your pieces.

What We Like 

The “Rephraser” tool allows you to modify product descriptions for your online store or website.

And the “Text Extender” expands on what you’ve already written. Like turning your product description into landing page copy. 


You can access 25 one-time credits to try out the tool. From there, pricing starts at $15 per month. 

9. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the most well-known AI tools. It can help you brainstorm ideas, create copy, and make suggestions to improve your content.

For content creation, type in a prompt asking it to create text for you. 

Blog post generated by ChatGPT about how to train your first puppy.

What We Like 

ChatGPT can create content in different languages. Which can be useful if you’re catering to an international audience.

And you can use it for other writing-related tasks like creating content outlines and generating content ideas tailored to your target audience. 


The free plan gives you access to the GPT-3.5 model and limited access to GPT-4o. Paid plans are more advanced and have additional features—they start at $20 per month.

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10. Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI-powered text-to-image tool that can be used to create unique visuals for your blog posts, website, and social media content. 

For example, if you ask Midjourney for an image of a person skiing, this might be the result: 

Image generated on Midjourney AI using the prompt "person skiing."

What We Like 

Midjourney makes it easy to create unique visuals with just a few clicks. 

And it can be used to create cartoons, illustrations, realistic imagery, etc.


You can try the tool for free. Paid plans start at $10 per month.

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11. Synthesia

Synthesia simplifies the process of turning text into videos. 

Synthesia homepage with text explaining how you can turn text to video in minutes with AI avatars and voiceovers.

You can use your own script or generate one from a link, document, or idea. The tool then generates a video for you to edit or share. 

And Synthesia lets you clone voices based on a small speech sample. So you can maintain consistency without asking the same person to record over and over again.

What We Like

Synthesia makes it possible to create videos using AI avatars that represent your brand. 

AI Avatars page on Synthesia showing different options to choose from along with filters for attire and age.

And it offers over 60 video templates. Allowing you to create professional videos in bulk. 


You can create 36 minutes of videos per year for free. Paid plans begin at $29 per month.

12. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is AI-powered presentation software that helps you create visually appealing and on-brand presentations and reports.

Beautiful.ai homepage with the text "It's beautiful what you do with a little ai."

It speeds up your process by automatically taking care of things you would otherwise have to do manually, like resizing text or images. 

What We Like 

Beautiful.ai offers a rephrasing option to help you rework your existing copy.

And the tool has a large image library with visuals from different industries. Which it automatically adjusts to match the style and format.

Beautiful.ai dashboard showing a slide with an image, heading, and sub-heading.


You can try the tool for free. Paid plans start at $12 per month. 

Improve Your Content Creation Efforts with AI

The best AI content creation tools can help you create content faster than ever before—from social media posts and ad copy to videos and blog posts. 

Ready to see how AI can transform your content processes?

ContentShake AI gives you fresh content ideas and articles in seconds. Try it today.

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