Meet Your Next Game-Changer: Your Top Semrush Updates of 2024

Meet Your Next Game-Changer: Your Top Semrush Updates of 2024

Semrush digital marketing tools are already helping you smash your goals, but there’s always room to make them even better. We’re only halfway through 2024, but we’ve been hard at work coming up with fresh ways to make your work even easier, from revamped keyword research and reporting to new AI-powered features and tools — not to mention even better, more accurate data and insights to make sure you keep crushing the competition.

SEO Updates

Delivering Smarter Keyword Research with AI

We’ve said it before, but we’re truly all about leaning into the power of AI at Semrush. Our mission is to completely innovate keyword research with AI capabilities, and we’re making sure we walk the walk. 

We’re combining Semrush data and AI technology to completely transform keyword research, bringing new capabilities to some of your favorite tools. Here’s a quick rundown of the major updates: 

  1. Keyword Overview: Get a quick personalized snapshot of keywords potential and performance with new AI-driven enhancements to check a domain’s Topical Authority on topics, see a keyword’s ranking potential, and customized Keyword Difficulty scores based on your specific website.
  2. Keyword Magic Tool: Your favorite keyword wizard is now using AI-driven insights to help you spot the best keywords for your website. Compare general Keyword Difficulty against how hard it is to rank for your domain to streamline your strategy and make smarter decisions
  3. Keyword Strategy Builder (formerly Keyword Manager): Completely redesigned, this tool delivers a fully AI-automated process to help you plan, craft, and execute your keyword strategy. Just enter your seed keywords to get a clear map of pillar pages and subpages to create, complete with a perfect list of keywords that you can send to different Semrush tools. Plus, we’ve added a brand-new integration for the Ads Launch Assistant app in the App Center, so you can collect new keywords and add them to your new and existing Google Ads campaigns fast!


Read more about this update on our blog.

Semrush Copilot: Your AI Assistant for SEO Success

Semrush Copilot is the ultimate AI-powered SEO assistant you never knew you needed. This groundbreaking new feature in Semrush automatically analyzes data from six core Semrush tools to serve up targeted tips and a prioritized list of activities to focus on, directly in your account dashboard. And the best part? Semrush Copilot is completely free for anyone with a Semrush subscription. 


Whether you’re managing one project or managing multiple clients, Copilot helps you: 

  • Discover major website issues or changes with suggestions of how to fix or address them
  • Automatically uncover new SEO opportunities and keywords based on your organic search research and keyword gaps
  • Stay a step ahead of the competition by providing new insights about your competition’s organic search, content, and link-building strategies
  • Get the most out of Semrush with personalized tool recommendations about what to use for maximum efficiency and performance

AI Overview Results Now Available in Semrush

Google’s AI Overviews, released in 2024, are now a pivotal SERP feature for any SEO strategy. At Semrush, we always want our tools to keep up with the latest changes and advances in the industry, so you never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers.
Now, we’ve added AI Overviews data in two places to help you understand this new feature: 

  • Position Tracking now allows you to monitor your website’s visibility in AI Overviews and understand which keywords are helping you rank as a data source. 
  • Semrush Sensor provides valuable insights across different industries to help you understand the volatility and frequency of AI Overviews results. 

Announcing My Reports 2.0: Bigger, Better, and More Powerful Than Ever

You read that right. Reporting just got even easier for Semrush users with the newly revamped My Reports 2.0! This game-changing upgrade helps save even more time while putting all your hard work in the spotlight, where it belongs. Now, you’ll have even more dynamic, convenient, and flexible options to create and deliver impressive PDF marketing reports to clients and stakeholders.

Here’s a full breakdown of how My Reports 2.0 can help: 

  • Deliver even more value-driving insights and key metrics from top digital marketing tools with powerful new integrations, including Microsoft Ads, X Ads, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Pages, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads, Mailchimp, Matomo, and CallRail
  • Automatically summarize data and results from any integration widget in your reports with the new AI Summary widget, powered by GPT-4
  • Showcase your results in the best data representation format for the job — simple numbers, line graphs, tables, and pie charts
  • Always make a professional impression with new custom themes to white-label and brand your reports 
  • Save time and share reports automatically however your clients prefer with flexible delivery options, such as PDF attachment, via a branded Client Portal, or a scheduled email.

Ready to take these new reporting features for a test drive? Get started with My Reports 2.0.

We made some major changes in .Trends to improve the way we measure online activities and keep track of where people come from when they visit a site, including:

  • Improvements to the .Trends data algorithm based on updates to Google Analytics sessions
  • Advanced filters for limiting bot traffic, reducing prediction errors, and delivering more reliable competitive traffic insights
  • New raw data providers to increase the domain coverage of our databases

What does this mean for you? More accurate data for better benchmarking and decision-making, more comprehensive insights from across more domains, and double the number of online events we analyze daily — 6.5 billion to be exact — for more accurate metrics about visit sources and traffic patterns.

See the difference for yourself in .Trends.

Keep your EyeOn on Slack

It just got even easier to gather intel on your rivals’ online marketing activity and gain a competitive edge! EyeOn can now send the same reports you get by email straight to your favorite Slack channel, including: 

  • Newly published blog posts
  • New pages across competitor websites 
  • Recently launched advertising campaigns 
  • New social media posts and trends (on Facebook, Instagram, and X)

And setting up Slack notifications is dead simple, just the way we like it. Go to Notification settings to enable Slack and then choose the types of notifications you want to receive for any of your competitor lists. You’ll get a welcome message from the @EyeOnBot — and you’re all set!

Google Search Console Data Grabs a Spot in Position Tracking

You can already connect Position Tracking with Google Analytics to keep an eye on changes in keyword rankings, but we know it doesn’t always have all the data to discover all the best queries that bring people to your site. Now, we’ve added a new Google Search Console integration to find even more keywords that can help you optimize your visibility in search and grow your organic traffic. You can import data directly from Google Search Console and choose new keywords directly to your Position Tracking campaigns.

Local SEO Updates

Update Locations on the Fly with the New Listing Management API

Juggling multiple business locations? We know keeping your business consistent and up-to-date can be a giant headache. That’s why we introduced the Listing Management API to help you update yourPremium locations across all your directories in seconds. 

With Listing Management’s new API, you can automatically update critical business information all at once, such as name, address, phone number, business hours, links to your website, and if you’re temporarily closed. Say goodbye to all those tabs and tools!

New Competitors Report Puts Your Business on the Map

The Map Rank Tracker gives you pinpoint accuracy about your Google Map rankings, helping you get more people to your front door. Now, we’ve added a new Competitors Report, so you can track your business — and any of your competitors. 


The Competitors Report lets you monitor where your rivals rank for keywords and the locations you track. Get a birds-eye view of the biggest competitors in the market and the prime locations bringing in new business. 

Get More Customer Reviews with Less Hassle

Google loves lots of positive reviews! The more you have, the more likely potential customers are to see your business when they search. That’s where our new free Google Review Link and QR Generator tool comes in. Now, you can create Google review links and QR codes to make it easier than ever for people to jump straight to your Google Business Profile (GBP) to leave their valuable feedback. 

Just add your business name, website, or phone number, and we’ll generate your review link along with a free QR code and three in-store signage assets that you can place anywhere you want. 

Try it now to start building your online reputation today. 

Power Up Social Posts with AI-Inspired Content Ideas

Social Poster is getting a boost of AI magic! We’ve added access to Social Content AI — our ultimate suite of AI-powered tools that will completely transform your social media content production process.

Social Content AI helps you effortlessly brainstorm ideas and draft compelling content in four easy steps: 

  1. Add your URL and automatically generate hundreds of post and visual ideas based on your business, categorized by topic.
  2. Craft every element of your narrative — from post images to captions — using AI to create a full content calendar.
  3. Edit and reshape any content piece, whether you wrote it alone or with an assist from AI — you can even define a tone of voice or select a post type template.
  4. Save it as a draft for later or send it straight to Social Poster to schedule. 

Content Tagging Unlocks New Value in Semrush Social

Ever wish you knew exactly what content your audience craves? Now, you can with content tagging in Social Content Insights. These new features help you categorize content and gain valuable new insights about what clicks best with your followers. Custom tags can help you categorize content, evaluate their performance, and create the perfect content mix to deliver maximum engagement.

Here’s how it works: When you create or schedule social media posts using Social Poster, you can assign a relevant tag (e.g. “discounts,” “videos,” “memes”). You can choose tags you already created or create a new one to describe the category of your post.


And that’s not all. We also added a detailed Content Mix dashboard to Social Content Insights dashboard that lets you gain deeper insights into your post performance. You can use the “Content Tag” filter in the Content Mix dashboard to view the aggregated performance of all posts associated with a specific tag category or group posts together into campaigns for a more targeted, data-driven analysis.

No More FOMO: Social Poster Gets Instagram Stories

You asked, we listened. One of our most requested features has finally arrived! You can now upload, schedule, and post Instagram Stories directly from Social Poster. 

You can manage Stories directly in the Calendar view on Social Poster, along with a preview of potential taps and story metrics. We’ve also added Stories as a new post type directly in Content Insights to give you instant access to important analytics like engagement metrics and post statistics. 

Sounds good? Post your first story today with Social Poster.

App Center Updates

ContentShake AI Now Lives in Chrome – plus two new AI features for crafting content

When it comes to conquering writer’s block and content marketing challenges, it’s handy to have your favorite AI-powered tool around, whenever or wherever you’re working. Meet ContentShake AI for Chrome — our brand-new Chrome extension that brings all the ContentShake AI’s features you love to any website or platform you’re on.

With ContentShake AI for Chrome, you can: 

  • Enhance your writing on the go: Check for grammar errors, refine your copy, or simplify your ideas. 
  • Optimize your content: Adjust your tone to match different audiences, improve readability, and modify the length of content to fit specific character and word limits, without losing their impact. 
  • Summarize or rewrite information fast: Create concise summaries to understand key points quickly or condense information from different sources to generate new ideas.
  • Repurpose content into new formats: Transform existing content into blog posts, presentations, emails, or catch social media posts with minimal additional effort. 
  • AI-powered help anywhere: Create killer content everywhere you go on the web — with a single click. 

But wait, there’s more! 

We also launched two new AI features that will make it even easier to create attention-grabbing content that embodies your brand. You can now write a short prompt in ContentShake AI to generate custom AI images that perfectly match your marketing content. 


You can also create your own Brand Voice for specific audiences, which helps guide ContentShake AI to write more unique, personalized content that sounds just like your brand. Just share a content piece for analysis, add your personas, and let ContentShake AI do what it does best!

Want to give them a spin? Head over to ContentShake AI.

Next-level Social Media Listening

We’ve made it even easier to listen in on what people are saying about you across the web by bringing social listening features from Prowly, now a part of Semrush, to the Brand Monitoring App in the Semrush App Center. That means you can now track social media mentions on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) — right from Semrush. Plus, we recently announced two new sources — TikTok and YouTube — to help you track mentions for any keyword in video titles and descriptions. 

You can update your existing queries or create a new one to track social media mentions, which you can filter to monitor or exclude specific profiles to cut through extra noise. The Brand Monitoring App checks for new mentions every six hours and even looks for past mentions from the last 30 days to make sure you never miss a single whisper (or should we say, post?) about your brand. 

AI Video Marketing Automator Makeover: New features, new prices, and new in-apps

If you’re a big user of using AI to create high-quality video content for SEO and social media, get ready to rejoice. The AI Video Marketing Automator app just got even better!
Not only did we double the number of videos you can create per month for both the Base subscription (from 5 to 10) and Pro plan (from 15 to 30) , we also added a host of awesome new features, including:

  • Publishing videos straight to social platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and X — and Instagram and Facebook are coming soon 
  • A new Content Calendar where you can schedule saved videos for publishing on social media channels whenever you want (Pro feature)
  • A Brand Kits feature to define fonts, descriptions, logos, colors, tones of voice, CTAs, and social media instructions to help the AI generate your brand videos (Pro feature)
  • An automated bulk video creation feature to scale your content marketing (Pro feature)
  • An API Content Automation feature that allows you to create new videos via API without using the app directly (Pro feature)

App Center Honorable Mentions to Amp Up Your Marketing Powers

  • Leverage advanced AI capabilities to discover unique, high-potential keywords and performance-boosting insights for your app store listing with the new AI Keyword Inspector for ASO app
  • Generate impactful ad creatives, text, and headlines for your marketing campaigns based on best practices learn from billions of top-performing ads — in one click — with the app
  • Make launching Google Ads campaigns even faster in the Ads Launch Assistant app with a new AI-powered feature that crafts high-converting Sitelinks and Callouts in seconds that standout in results
  • Find the perfect Instagram influencers to make your business and brand shine with new influencer data from Instagram in the Influencer Analytics App
  • Identify the most profitable products, get instant sales insights, compare your online stores to your top competitors, and more to grow your online sales with the new Product Research Pulse app.

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