Google Search Console New Owner Notifications Bug?

Google Search Console New Owner Notifications Bug?

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There are numerous reports of Google sending out email notifications about there being new owners added to your Search Console profiles. The new owner notification emails have been going out since Friday of last week or so and seem to be part of some bug.

It is unclear if this is at all associated with the Search Console reporting delays from last week. My guess, it probably is unrelated.

Some are getting “endless” and numerous notifications about the same users being added as a “new user” when these users were added years ago (in some cases).

Here are what new owner email notifications look like:

Google Search Console New Owner Email

I saw a couple of complaints about this in the Google Webmaster Help Forums – here is what they wrote:

I recently added a new owner to our Google Console. Ever since then, I get an email every morning telling me about it. It’s from a no-reply email address, so I can’t reply and kindly ask. I’ve clicked “Manage Users”, but there is nothing particularly helpful there. How do I stop the WNC- messages from coming every day?!?!

I’ve gotten ten emails in the last three days about a new owner for my property, but I still have the email from when they were added in 2018, so they were not recently added. It’s email WNC-

Here are some complaints about this on X:

Dave Smart, a Google Top Contributor in the forums, said he passed this along because he thinks this is a bug. He wrote:

There’s a few reports of this and it does sound like a bug with search console falsely sending out these notifications. It’s been passed on, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help Forums and X.

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