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The Google Search Console link report now seems to be fixed. As we reported last week, we saw a decline in links being reported by the tool, followed by a huge decline a few days later. The tool now seems to be showing the previous link count before the tool had that bug.

As a reminder, Google told us it was a bug and the team was working on fixing it. I still do not see a message in the Google help document about the bug, but when I do see it, I will add it to the story here.

Here is what I see now – where I am back over 288,000 links (which is still a lot less than I had years and years ago):

Google Search Console Links Back

Here is what it was on May 30th (the bug):

Google Link Report May 30 2024

Here is what it was on May 27, 2024 – before the big bug:

Google Search Console Links

Here is a screenshot from June 2023 showing 215,000 links:

Google Links Report 2023

Here is a screenshot from July 2022 showing 550,000 links:

click for full size

October 2019 at 1.2 million links:

Gsc Link Count Drop

August 2018 at 2.5 million links:

click for full size

Are your links back?

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