Google Business Profiles Consumer Alerts Document

Google Business Profiles Consumer Alerts Document

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Google Business Profiles can include consumer alerts on them, which will notify those viewing your local listing on Google about a possible violation or suspension of spam. These alerts can show a banner, they can result in review posting restrictions and reviews being removed.

Google posted a new help document on these consumer alerts over here.

Google wrote, “When we detect suspicious review activity on a business or a business violates our policies we may impose restrictions on its Business Profile and you may encounter the following.”

Here are those three items:

  • Banner: You may see a banner on the business’s page to let you know that suspicious reviews were removed.
  • Reviews Posting restrictions: You may not be able to post reviews or ratings on the place for a period of time.
  • Removed reviews: We may hide reviews for the business for a period of time.

Yelp has consumer alerts as well and has so for about a decade.

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