Google Ads Changes Its Mind – Will Not Allow Opioid Painkillers Ads

Google Pills

Last month we reported that Google Ads began to allow some ads for opioid painkillers, like to discuss awareness and abuse. Well, Google decided to “indefinitely pausing this policy update” and not allow search ads for opioid painkillers.

Google posted this update on the original announcement page over here and wrote:

Update: Due to implementation challenges, Google will be indefinitely pausing this policy update. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The announcement read originally, “In June 2024, Google will update its Healthcare and medicines policy to allow advertisers to discuss opioid painkillers without promoting or selling them. For example, the update will allow advertisers who want to discuss public policy solutions for opioid painkiller abuse to do so if they have a new certification.”

Well, that did not happen and won’t be happening.

This was spotted by PPCGreg who posted this on X:

Forum discussion at X.

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