Help Marie study the March 2024 Core Update

Help Marie study the March 2024 Core Update

I’ll be spending the next few weeks looking at content that has been impacted by the March 2024 core update to try and understand more about this change in Google’s ranking systems that they call an evolution in how they assess the helpfulness of content.

As part of my course and workbooks I am filming examples of looking at search results from the perspective of a searcher. I’ll be sharing more on how I think of intent and more importantly, I’ll be sharing ideas of what we can learn about what Google’s systems are rewarding as helpful content. 

In order to do that, I need sites to examine. There are two ways that you can help me:

1) Allow me to use your site and GSC screenshots in my videos

Use this form 

2) Share about your site privately so I can have more examples to learn from

Use this form

Everyone who submits will get my book and one or more of my workbooks depending on which option you choose. Thank you for allowing me to dig in and learn.

About my research

The purpose of this research is to help me learn more about how Google’s algorithms have changed. In turn, I hope to help the SEO industry and website owners learn and adapt. It’s win/win/win if you can share.🙏

I am soon about to publish a book, some workbooks and a course to help the SEO industry look at SEO in a different light by understanding more about how complicated machine learning (AI) systems are responsible for determining what ranks. 

All that is left for me to do is film some videos. I’ll be walking through Search results through the eyes of a searcher, thinking about intent, information gain, freshness and more. In doing so, I learn, the sites in the video learn, and the SEO industry learns. 

That’s a whole lot of learning. Hahaha…get it. We will be learning about the deep learning systems that determine today’s rankings.

If you want a private review

Brainstorm with me

Site review

These are the only options for now. There is so much we need to learn about the changes in this update, and so many sites impacted. I will be focusing my efforts on completing my course and doing this analysis.

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