Google Search Console Performance Reports All Caught Up

Google Search Console Performance Reports All Caught Up

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Google seems to have fixed the Google Search Console Performance Reports last night at about 7:45pm ET. I posted a short update in my story yesterday, but waited until this morning to post a new story that it is fixed because sometimes I’ve seen it recover and then slip back. But it still seems to be showing recent and fresh data even the next morning.

This comes after the performance reports being significantly delayed at the beginning of the month, which is when many SEOs do their monthly reporting.

Plus, John Mueller of Google commented on LinkedIn, “It looks like this has caught up! Thanks for your patience & have a good weekend!”

Here is what I see as of this morning – updated last 2 hours ago:

2 Hours Ago

Here is what I saw last night after 8pm ET:

It is now showing 4 hours but again, that is not uncommon.

Google has not posted on its official Google Search Central social channels yet that it is fixed. So I suspect there may be one or two small things that are not fully back yet. But I will update this story when and if I see that notice.

Happy SEO reporting…

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