Daily Search Forum Recap: July 8, 2024

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

I’m seeing more Google Search weekend volatility – something is up (or down). I posted some YouTube SEO topics, where Google said traffic sources only affect the same traffic sources. Google Search Console has/had a new owner notification bug. Google updated its URL best practices document around fragments in URLs. Google Maps has this new “add stop” advertisement. Google says if you are ranking for unrelated keywords, maybe try to be little more clear with your content.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • July 4th Weekend Google Search Ranking Update & Volatility
    Surprise, surprise, it was another weekend and we again see some more than usual ranking volatility from Google Search. Again, this reminds me of the weekend ranking bug Google had late last year into early this year. But who knows, maybe it is just a ranking system that shuffles things up for weekend searchers?
  • YouTube Traffic Sources Affect Same Traffic Sources, Not Different Traffic Sources
    I don’t cover YouTube SEO here much but I found a post from the YouTube Liaison talking about how traffic sources are impacted. In short, the YouTube home page recommendations are affected by viewers watching videos from the home page and not affected by external views, people watching your videos on an external site.
  • Google URL Best Practices Updated: Don’t Use Fragments To Change Page Content
    Google has updated its URL structure best practices for Google Search help documentation to tell us again to not use URL fragments to change the content on that page. Google added this line, “Don’t use fragments to change the content of a page, as Google generally doesn’t support fragment URLs. If you’re using JavaScript to change content, use the History API instead.”
  • Google Maps Add Stop Advertisements
    Did you know that Google Maps can suggest that you add a stop along the way as an advertisement or sponsored route along the way? It pops up as you are driving and asks you if you want to “Add stop” or “Cancel.”
  • Google: Ranking For Unrelated Keywords In Search? Make Your Titles & Content Clearer
    Have you ever had a site that ranks for unrelated keywords, queries you do not want to rank for? John Mueller from Google said if you do, maybe you should make your title and content clearer if they are too amibiguious.
  • Google Search Console New Owner Notifications Bug?
    There are numerous reports of Google sending out email notifications about there being new owners added to your Search Console profiles. The new owner notification emails have been going out since Friday of last week or so and seem to be part of some bug.
  • GooglePlex Outdoor Ski Lift
    Google loves their ski lifts and we’ve covered that many offices have them. Here is one at the GooglePlex at some event, it seems like a stationary one just so Googlers can take photos on it.

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